Boy or Girl?

I’m about to have a baby. Correction, my wife is about to give birth to a baby…

What’s your guess?

If you guessed BOY, then you are correct!

Baby Caden Andrew Lamb was born on 5/12/24T 2102p (9:02pm) EST, weighing 9.0 pounds and 21.5” in length.


How has technology changed your job?

Technology is my job. I literally wouldn’t have a career as an IT Manager if it weren’t for technology. I love what I do and it still challenges me daily. I have been able to experience may facets of the IT space in my 22 years. The first part was in the Army. Yes, my job was to setup phone and internet for other units and maintain that connection, but I also started web development and video editing on the side. I learned Photoshop and graphic manipulation. All these things, I taught myself. Instead of doing college courses in my spare time, I was creating images, videos, and web pages.

After the Army I was fortunate to jump right into corporate IT and take what I knew and truly expand my skills and knowledge through some certs, a little college, but mostly experience.

I’ve been asked many times how to start my career in IT. My answer is always, be willing to start from the bottom and work your way up. You may have all the book knowledge but thinking outside the box and customer service skills can’t be taught, they are learned from experience.

Technology is always changing and most people don’t see the little things. I believe the next big thing could be the NPU (Neural Processing Unit) which almost all computer manufacturers are including in their computers now. This will enable computers to offload some AI math skills to a new unit and free up the CPU/GPU for other things.

Historically doubling of size has always been huge. Usually an exponent of 2. Think RAM and HDD/SDD space. Think even flash drives. You used to think a 8mb flash drive was awesome. My 120gb Maxtor external USB 2 HDD was $111 at the PX in Germany. That was my first hard drive. It was almost $1/gb! ($92.5/gb) Now I’m adding 4tb (4000gb) extra m.2 SSD to laptops for $225. That’s 5.6 CENTS/gb ($0.05625/gb). Also that first Maxtor drive was 40mb/s and the m.2 is 5000mb/s transfer rate.

That’s how technology has changed my job.

AI Questions About This Site and Me

Use this field to ask a question to Jetpack AI about the contents of this site.

For example, I asked…

Who is Jason

and it returned…

Jason Lamb is an IT Manager and the author of the blog where the documents were found. In one post, he shares a personal story about being put on Rear Detachment (Rear-D) while his unit deployed, highlighting the feelings of disappointment and frustration that can accompany such situations in the military. Another post introduces Luke through an Instagram link, providing a glimpse into the author’s personal life. Additionally, there is a post discussing a recent outage of a VoIP phone provider and the importance of knowing a service’s status page for business continuity.
Furthermore, the blog has a post titled “But Not Me,” where Jason Lamb addresses other individuals with the same name, including a doctor at the Avon Lake Animal Clinic, a web designer in Virginia, an author from Canada, and other professionals with the name Jason Lamb. It seems that Jason Lamb has a long history in web design and technology, with years of experience and a passion for sharing information and experiences through his blog. There is also an “About” page on the blog that provides more background on Jason Lamb’s experience as a web designer and IT Manager, along with insights into his web history and interests.

Let me know what interesting questions you ask and the info it returns. Add a comment below after you try this.

Fake Recall Notice

I just got a news brief notification on my phone. It read, “about 2.2 million vehicles” and “nearly all Tesla EV models”… I wonder if they know of other Tesla models that are not EV? – Elon Musk, chief executive officer of Tesla Inc., during a fireside discussion on artificial intelligence risks with Rishi Sunak, UK prime minister, not pictured, in London, UK, on Thursday, Nov. 2, 2023. (Tolga Akmen/EPA/Bloomberg via Getty Images / Getty Images)

CLICK BAIT, Thanks Fox Business and really any news publication that just released this story.

If a car or any electronic has the ability to push ‘OTA’ (Over-The-Air) updates via Wi-Fi or Cellular, then is it really considered a ‘recall’? They may have been forced to do it by the NTSB but a recall implies action on the end user to do something.

When I got a recall on my baby car seat, I was contacted by the manufacturer, I sent them a picture, my address, and a quick form and was sent a new base with the issue resolved. Arguably, a new component cost the company much more money then some code edits. I am not saying a Software Developer’s time is not valuable. I am saying it cost a company far more money to manufacture and ship a piece of hardware versus the time to code some software and push it out to all impacted users.

As my friend pointed out, if a software update was considered a recall then my iPhone and Microsoft Windows computer gets ‘RECALLED’ at least once a month…

Outlook vs OWA

I am defining Microsoft 365 Outlook app on your computer vs Outlook Web Access via

Here is a side-by-side comparison and I bet you can’t tell which is which? There are only subtle differences. This is a screenshot from my 2 24″ monitors and on my work account with Microsoft E3 license with Office build version 2311.

It’s pretty easy to see that Microsoft is wanting no difference between your installed app and your web app versions. I can bet this is for easier development. I can also bet you that the install outlook is actually running on some emulated html code unlike other actually installed apps. You can tell this when it loads and also the settings page.

There is one way to tell which screenshot is which but I don’t want to spoil the fun of you guessing. And no, I am not using some special version of Microsoft insider preview build.

Leave a comment below with your guess on which is the Desktop App or the Online Version?

The Big Four Oh

Guest who’s turning 40? THIS. GUY.

I am going to run a social experiment to see how many of my friends, family, or followers see this and/or participate.

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Securing Your Domains

If you are responsible for any website domain, PLEASE make sure you secure you registrar account, setup MFA and have a long complex password. If you lose access to your registrar account or your hosting account and/or FORGET to renew your domain then the bad guys definitely will help you out by taking it over. I just spent about 4 hours helping a friend track down ownership of their domain. It is hosted on WordPress and luckily I still have admin access to that. They have email from that domain and it is hosted with Google Admin. We were also able to reach out to the company who hosts the domain, albeit pro bono for the last several years, something they would love to offload. I contacted GoDaddy and since I can’t provide proof of a GoDaddy account then I am in a Catch 22 right now. I did submit an email to [email protected] and submit a request on their site The key to this whole thing is the whois record. It shows Wild West Domains as the registrar which I know is a reseller (subsidiary) of GoDaddy. Unfortunately the domain was renewed on 11/1/23 which either means it was automatically renewed and we need to find the good owner, OR it was forgotten about and a bad guy purchased and renewed it on their account and is looking for a big pay out. We know also the WordPress has several updates needed and the content on the site has been completely changed to some Japanese blog. I am now waiting on the abuse department to reply back to my request.

If this domain was not set to auto renew then it goes to the open market after so many days and is fair game for anyone to renew. This actually happened to Google a few years back. So if a large company can lose access to their domain then so can you. –  

Stay tuned for more on this story…


I was able to get access to the domain dns and it was an account that has been set up years ago and forgotten about. I update the account info and password and documented everything. The host was able to restore the site for a couple of minutes by overwriting the WordPress core files, but the bad script soon took over again and the site is still in a hacked state.

My options now are to wait for the host to make a backup export and send to me via a FTP account that I setup for them so I can restore the site files and sql database on my host or to completely start a new WordPress site and start from scratch. I’m hoping for the first option.

I just loaded the site and see it’s restored on the front end but the backend admin portal is still hosed.

And just refreshed and it’s back to bad…again.

Stay tuned for more updates on this website recover journey.

LinkedIn Post

Izzy Tech Support

#BabyIzzy was very talkative before I started filming. Once I started she was confused. I also put my headset on her and she was trying to figure that out…

I think she will be a great customer service rep.

GRC Link Shorteners

Source: – Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson as Star Trek characters. “Live long and prosper.”

I have created an Excel doc that I am tracking all of link shorteners. This is an Excel file stored in Dropbox, with my own link shortener to make it easier to go to.

I have referenced and Security Now many times on this site. I started listening to it faithfully back in 2010 when my then new boss and now friend enlightened me to wonders of Leo Laporte and the Twit network.

GRC is Gibson Research Corporation and SC is Short Cut

Here are the links to subscribe to the podcast and show notes. &

Often times Steve will reference an external website, article, picture, or other media and then he makes it “short cut of the week.” He used to use bitly but then people started to pre-register the same bitly links for his show and then he created his own shortcut domain using YOURLS. I liked this so much that I also created a shorter domain and used YOURLS for my implementation.

Thank you Leo and Steve for this long lasting podcast. 999+
As of this writing there are 942 episodes.