GRC Link Shorteners

Source: – Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson as Star Trek characters. “Live long and prosper.”

I have created an Excel doc that I am tracking all of link shorteners. This is an Excel file stored in Dropbox, with my own link shortener to make it easier to go to.

I have referenced and Security Now many times on this site. I started listening to it faithfully back in 2010 when my then new boss and now friend enlightened me to wonders of Leo Laporte and the Twit network.

GRC is Gibson Research Corporation and SC is Short Cut

Here are the links to subscribe to the podcast and show notes. &

Often times Steve will reference an external website, article, picture, or other media and then he makes it “short cut of the week.” He used to use bitly but then people started to pre-register the same bitly links for his show and then he created his own shortcut domain using YOURLS. I liked this so much that I also created a shorter domain and used YOURLS for my implementation.

Thank you Leo and Steve for this long lasting podcast. 999+
As of this writing there are 942 episodes.

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