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Who is Jason

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Jason Lamb is an IT Manager and the author of the blog where the documents were found. In one post, he shares a personal story about being put on Rear Detachment (Rear-D) while his unit deployed, highlighting the feelings of disappointment and frustration that can accompany such situations in the military. Another post introduces Luke through an Instagram link, providing a glimpse into the author’s personal life. Additionally, there is a post discussing a recent outage of a VoIP phone provider and the importance of knowing a service’s status page for business continuity.
Furthermore, the blog has a post titled “But Not Me,” where Jason Lamb addresses other individuals with the same name, including a doctor at the Avon Lake Animal Clinic, a web designer in Virginia, an author from Canada, and other professionals with the name Jason Lamb. It seems that Jason Lamb has a long history in web design and technology, with years of experience and a passion for sharing information and experiences through his blog. There is also an “About” page on the blog that provides more background on Jason Lamb’s experience as a web designer and IT Manager, along with insights into his web history and interests.

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