The History Of My Web Domains

I will build this out chronologically and explain what I have done in the last 20 years on the web. Starting with in December 2004.

December 2004 – purchase from and host on
This started my journey in to web development.

October 19, 2005 – purchase from and host on

These are other domains that I was involved with in the past:

These are other domains I currently own and when they were first registered. – 11/11/10 – 4/12/12 – 5/22/17 – 8/29/22 – 10/14/22


World Architecture Day & Cybersecurity: Building a Secure Foundation

Not my own words but I think they are important enough to share. Thank you Tom Blair (IT Director at Middough Inc.

As we look ahead to October 2nd, we anticipate the celebration of World Architecture Day – a day dedicated to honoring the art and science of designing and constructing spaces that shape our world. Just as architects meticulously plan and build structures to withstand various challenges, we, too, must fortify our digital landscape against the ever-evolving threats in the cyber world.

 In the spirit of this occasion, we would like to draw parallels between the principles of architecture and cybersecurity to emphasize the importance of safeguarding our company and personal data.

Strengthening Our Digital Defenses

 In the world of architecture, the foundation is the key to any resilient structure. Similarly, in the digital realm, our collective actions are the foundation of our security. Let us take this opportunity to discuss critical steps that each of us can take to enhance our digital security, while drawing parallels to architecture:

Cybersecurity Awareness: Just as architects understand the materials they work with, each team member should have a basic understanding of cybersecurity. This knowledge is akin to an architect’s deep understanding of construction materials, enabling them to make informed decisions for the structural integrity of a building.

Password Hygiene: Like using high-quality materials in construction, use strong, unique passwords for your accounts. Think of your password as the structural framework of a building—strong and resilient.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Implement MFA, which is akin to adding multiple layers of security to a building. It ensures that even if one layer is compromised, there are additional barriers to protect sensitive areas.

Phishing Awareness: Be vigilant against phishing attempts, which are like unexpected design flaws in a building. A keen eye for detail in architectural design helps identify flaws, much like your ability to spot suspicious elements in emails or websites.

 Software Updates: Regularly update your software and devices, just as architects ensure buildings are well-maintained. Updates often include security patches that protect against known vulnerabilities – similar to ongoing maintenance in the architectural world.

Safe Browsing: Exercise caution when visiting websites, just as architects assess the structural integrity of a building before entering. Only enter websites you trust and avoid unsecured connections, much like entering a well-designed and maintained structure.

Our Collective Commitment to Security

On this World Architecture Day, let us commit to building a strong, secure digital foundation for our company. Just as architects imbue their creations with creativity and innovation, let us infuse our cybersecurity efforts with the same spirit of ingenuity. We must continuously adapt and improve our security measures to protect our valuable assets and uphold our reputation.

Remember, just as architects transform blueprints into awe-inspiring structures, our individual and collective efforts can transform potential vulnerabilities into robust defenses. Let us celebrate World Architecture Day by fortifying our digital world and ensuring the safety of our company and clients.

Thank you for your dedication to our shared mission and let us work together to build a secure future!

#iheartarchitecture #middough

It it’s not tied down…

This just just shows that the bad guys are only getting better. No matter how much security we think we have, we need to constantly test ourselves. “…attacks always get better, they never get worse…” #BruceSchneier

Given enough time, the bad guys will find a way. It’s unfortunate, but true. The bad guys are highly motivated by money. There is a LOT of money in being bad. There’s not enough monetary motivation to being a good guy. You just have to want to do it for moral reasons. On a recent #SecurityNow podcast, Steve Gibson laid out all the millions of dollars that were gained by the top recent attacks and the company behind those attacks.

If you are responsible for your company’s security then you need to educate your users regularly on security measures and best practices. If you are a human and have any username/password combination then you MUST use MFA when you can, or when offered. Time-based is way more secure than SMS. You MUST use a reliable password manager because you MUST NOT use the same passwords on different accounts. Help yourself stay secure because the bad guys will help themselves to your data. I PROMISE YOU!

#security #data #motivation #podcast

Courtesy: Steve Gibson from #SecurityNow Podcast –

Grandma Lamb

Grandpa Jerry Lamb and Grandma Lavonne Lamb (~1960) – Adobe Photohop Neural Filters, Colorize and Photo Restore

YouTube Link to Celebration of Life videoYouTube Link to funeral service video
Dropbox link to Celebration of Life with original music

For My Grandma Lavonne Lamb (1938-2023):

“I can only imagine, What it will be like, When I walk by Your side
I can only imagine, What my eyes would see, When Your face is before me
Surrounded by Your glory, What will my heart feel?
Will I dance for You Jesus, Or in awe of You be still?
Will I stand in Your presence, Or to my knees, will I fall?
Will I sing hallelujah? Will I be able to speak at all?
I can only imagine.”

Credit: Bart Millard of MercyMe – ” I Can Only Imagine”

MY Grandma Lamb doesn’t have to imagine. She is there and oh what a sight! You are the matriarch of this Lamb Family. You may have been born a Cline, but you have been a Lamb for 65+ years. Without you I would not be here. Grandma, without you, twenty-five of us would not be here today. Between the 25 immediate family members here (including all great grandkids), you’ve been loved for a combined 600 years plus. I had to round for some ages and weddings. Both of your kids turned out great. Most of your grandkids turned out pretty good. There’s still hope for Jeremy. All of your GREAT Grand kids are amazing and beautiful. Alex will get there. Sorry buddy, you have me to blame for that.

Alex, I am so grateful you were able to meet all your great grandparents. Unfortunately, I did not. Well, I don’t remember most of them. My Great GrandMOTHER Lamb passed away when I was a little younger than you. I remember seeing all the crying and didn’t quite understand. I do now. It’s truly amazing how God can take a stubborn military-trained, fighting machine, idiot like me and make me into a softy when it comes to things like this. It wasn’t too long ago that I can remember saying I only cried 5 times in my life.

  1. When my Great Grandmother Lamb died, at her funeral. I remember looking at my Aunt Pam and my dad and they were crying, so my eyes started watering too
  2. My dad wrote me a letter that I read when I went off to Army boot camp
  3. My son was born, watching We Were Soldiers afterwards
  4. Marrying my wife
  5. My daughter was born
  6. And now, My Grandma passing

You may know two things in life are certain, taxes and that other thing. I can tell you a few others. Grandma always had ice cream. She always wanted to make sure you had enough to eat and you were probably looking like you needed to eat some more. Most would call that skinny. But in the South, you’re just looking a little too unhealthy if you don’t have some meat on your bones, also a little gravy too. Grandma is a southern gal through and through. She may have been in Indiana for the last 60+ years but she is from the south.

I know the general statement of “Grandma is in a better place.” Truly only God knows a person’s heart but we mere humans see their actions and hear their words. Not once can I remember my Grandma getting angry or upset or loud or frustrated (besides a little with Grandpa). I actually remember her reminding us to trust in God and live for him. Jeremy has a snapchat video proving this if you want to watch it later. She always expected us to pray before our meals and of course wash our hands. I remember being tucked in bed by her and she reminded me to say my night time prayers. These are words of a God-fearing woman. I know she went to church every Sunday and was in BSF, a weekly bible study with Mrs. Mary Ann DeMotte. I know every one who knew her had only the best things to say about her, once they found out I was her Grandson.

A final thank you to the wonderful staff at Otterbein for taking care of my Grandma in her last years. I am sorry if she was anything but the most pleasant person you have ever met, because she was. We can blame that on her failing mind. Thank you to the Bell family and staff. Thank you to Pastor Gary Johnson for the service. I have known you since first attending Indian Creek in 1994 and most of us grew up there. Grandma was there on many occasions, as well. I still use some Johnson-isms when teaching to my Middle school boys at my church in Cleveland. Thank you to the family who came into town from all over. Thank you to the Grandma’s friends or friends of the family who are here to support us. Thank you to my beautiful wife. I can only hope and pray for 65 years on this earth with you. Grandpa, thank you for showing your family how to be a Godly loving husband, father, grandfather, and great grandfather. And finally, Grandma, you will forever be missed on this earth. Until we see each other again, in Heaven…I love you.

God Bless you all and thank you.

Remember The Fallen


As we approach a holiday weekend and Memorial Day Monday, I’d like to put this out there again…

PSA – ANNUAL REMINDER: Memorial Day is not for those who are serving or those who are still living and served. Memorial Day is for those who paid the ultimate price and are no longer with us. Memorial Day is for the Fallen. #rememberthefallen

Don’t tell a vet, “Happy Memorial Day”. There’s nothing ‘happy’ about loosing a fellow comrade in battle.

Don’t tell a vet, “Thank you for your service” on Memorial Day. We are still alive. You can thank us on Veterans Day.

#TilValhalla #MemorialDay

Goodbye Windows 10, Hello Windows 11

Are you tired of annoying Windows 10/11 feature updates? Do you want to stay on Windows 10 instead of prompting for Windows 11?


From the brain behind GRC (Gibson Research Corporation), Steve Gibson (twitter: @sggrc) has a tool just for you. It’s called InControl. It sets a couple of RegEdit keys that keep your computer on the current feature version.

With ONE CLICK to either “Take Control” or “Release Control”, YOU can decide whether your computer gets the next feature update, no Microsoft.

This is a free tool and does not need to install. You run the simple exe and BAM!

I have this on my own home personal Asus laptop running Windows 11 22h2 and I actually did a Google search for when the release of Win 11 23h1 because I didn’t know because I was still IN CONTROL of my Windows 11 major feature updates. The answer was 2/5/23.

Also, if you didn’t know, Microsoft just announced it will not be releasing any more feature update/semi-annual roll ups for Windows 10. Win 10 22h2 was the last. You will still get monthly updates until Oct 2025 for Windows 10. (posted 4/27/23)

#TLDR – Don’t be afraid of Windows 11. It’s the same as Windows 10 with a few rounded corners and a centering start menu. Update now or at least before 10/14/25

Social Media

I created the above post a while ago. I just added appropriate 301 redirects for all my social media. You can go to [insert social media] to get to my profile on that social media.

Example: goes to
try it with /twitter /instagram & /youtube

Pretty much any #jasrasr or @jasrasr account you see should be mine. If you see another that you don’t think is me then let me know.



Social media integration

Social media integration has been on my mind lately. Yes, before you get ahead of me, I know you can setup your twitter to post to facebook and your instagram to post to twitter and facebook. But there is already one problem. If I have my instagram post to twitter and facebook and my twitter post to facebook I end up with two postings on my facebook. I am getting tired of deleting post. I want to add content easily, not have to worry about duplicates. No one wants to see duplicate status post!

IFTTT is a great way to setup recipes to interact with several aspects of several channels. A channel can be facebook or twitter or instagram or even this blog. For examply I can create a recipe that says if I post something to this blog then post it to facebook.


But Not Me

Other Jason Lamb’s in the world…

In the past, I have searched Google for any Jason Lamb and collected a list. I did have an intention of posting that list but never did.

Years ago, I changed all my usernames/handles/links to jasrasr so you can find my on almost any platform with that user name. #jasrasr

Dr. Jason Lamb

Dr. Jason Lamb in at the Avon Lake Animal Clinic in Avon, OH

Web Designer Jason Lamb in VA (the state, not the government agency) I’ve been trying to buy this domain for years.

Author Jason Lamb from Canada
(I might buy some of his books, they are on techy things that I would enjoy.)

Educator Jason Lamb (I found him early on when I was setting up my Twitter account.)

Jason Lamb of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Sports Reporter Jason Lamb from Wichita Fox4kc

Reporter Jason Lamb from WTVF News Channel 5 (Nashville)

Realtor Jason Lamb for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Professional Realty

As I find more, I will add them to this list...