The Big Four Oh

Guest who’s turning 40? THIS. GUY.

I am going to run a social experiment to see how many of my friends, family, or followers see this and/or participate.

How do you feel about me?Link$# Rcvd
I Like You$0.40
You’re Cool$4.001
You’re Very Cool$4.401
I Love You$40.00
I Absolutely LOVE YOU! (with a tip)$44.44

These links will all take you to PayPal.

One Comment

  1. Well…. shucks. I sent my contribution before I saw all the categories. The original request was for $.40, so I thought I was going above and beyond by sending $4.40. Then I get to this page and realize that it means I only think you’re very cool. You should be well aware that I certainly don’t think that, but there are better things in life to be than cool. Cheers anyway!

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