Website Retool and Updates

UPDATE: I have added a store. It isn’t much right now but I hope to sell things on this site and thought I should get it up and running to have it in case I needed it. Testing now… If you want to play too then go buy my logo for $0.01.

UPDATE: 9/15/22 – I have added a new short link site using For example goes to my Facebook page.

UPDATE: 8/15/22 – I have fixed which previously had to many redirects due to cloudflare misconfiguration and hostinger. MY BAD

Update 1/8/22 – I have switched all my websites and hosting from to CloudFlare and Hostinger. The site may have been down temporarily but all is working now. I have also added SSL to all the domains.,,, and
– there are a lot of images that aren’t loading, I am working on that
– there are a lot of links that aren’t loading, I am working on that. If you get a 404 error page then please fill out the form to let me know.

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Stop Sniffing Me

So I am constantly learning. 40% of the internet is using the WordPress platform. I am no different. I started building my own websites with pure HTML/CSS/JS and loved it. It was a lot of work. WordPress started in 5/27/03 and my first website spun up in December 2004. I…

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DIY Dining Room Table

Update 1/15/22 – new video posted to the playlist which I needed to sand and re-stain to make it darker. Check it out! I just uploaded a new video which is my preview of the editing process. All the video for all the days was 3.5 hours and I am…

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New Year 2022 Goal

I would like to have 1000 YouTube subscribers with 4000 hours of video watched by the end of 2022. This will enable me to participate in the money making marvel of YouTube. Will you help me by subscribing? THANK YOU!

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UPDATED – 30 July 2021 I have recovered this page from the archives and am glad I did. I have removed some of my more intemet poems that speak more to my love life at the time of their writing and are no long valid. Basically if they were written…

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Like A Good Neighbor

StateFarm has a registered branded saying of “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.” I heard it again this morning on a commercial and was thinking to myself. SELF – I have recently moved into a new neighborhood and my immediate surrounding neighbors have all introduced themselves to me.…

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