Boy or Girl?

I’m about to have a baby. Correction, my wife is about to give birth to a baby…

What’s your guess?

If you guessed BOY, then you are correct!

Baby Caden Andrew Lamb was born on 5/12/24T 2102p (9:02pm) EST, weighing 9.0 pounds and 21.5” in length.


How has technology changed your job? Technology is my job. I literally wouldn’t have a career as an IT Manager if it weren’t for technology. I love what I do and it still challenges me daily. I have been able to experience may facets of the IT space in my…

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Fake Recall Notice

I just got a news brief notification on my phone. It read, “about 2.2 million vehicles” and “nearly all Tesla EV models”… I wonder if they know of other Tesla models that are not EV? CLICK BAIT, Thanks Fox Business and really any news publication that just released this story.…

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Outlook vs OWA

I am defining Microsoft 365 Outlook app on your computer vs Outlook Web Access via Here is a side-by-side comparison and I bet you can’t tell which is which? There are only subtle differences. This is a screenshot from my 2 24″ monitors and on my work account with…

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The Big Four Oh

Guest who’s turning 40? THIS. GUY. I am going to run a social experiment to see how many of my friends, family, or followers see this and/or participate. How do you feel about me? Link $ # Rcvd I Like You $0.40 You’re Cool $4.00 1 You’re Very…

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Securing Your Domains

If you are responsible for any website domain, PLEASE make sure you secure you registrar account, setup MFA and have a long complex password. If you lose access to your registrar account or your hosting account and/or FORGET to renew your domain then the bad guys definitely will help you…

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Izzy Tech Support

#BabyIzzy was very talkative before I started filming. Once I started she was confused. I also put my headset on her and she was trying to figure that out… I think she will be a great customer service rep.

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GRC Link Shorteners

I have created an Excel doc that I am tracking all of link shorteners. This is an Excel file stored in Dropbox, with my own link shortener to make it easier to go to. I have referenced and Security Now many times on this site. I started…

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