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This page was written by Jason about Jason but for You. I will discuss who I am and why did I create this website/blog?

I have been designing websites for almost 20 years and really enjoy starting up on new web trends. I really enjoy sharing things that I find. I also enjoy sharing information that other people might not know about.

I am Jason Lamb. I am an IT Manager by profession. You can see my updated resume here (or CV/”Curriculum Vitae if you are across the pond). I plan to keep an updated version in this folder. My LinkedIn profile has pretty much the same thing as my resume.

My first website was indycrewworld.com. Something funny I ran across recently is a site called the Wayback Machine. You can see what Google looked like on Nov 11th, 1998. Unfortunately you cannot check out Facebook on that site because Facebook blocks all robot queries.

My first facebook profile picture
My first facebook profile picture

I have now shared something with you that you may or may not have known. You can thank me by commenting below.

Back to me. I was able to buy this domain for my namesake. After buying my first domain name indycrewworld.com back in Oct 2004 I wanted an area on the web that I could call my own. I wanted a place that I could unite friends from all over the world. I had friends that deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq and also stationed in Korea and Japan. For myself, I was stationed in Germany. Indy stands for Indianapolis, IN, where we all grew up. Crew means my friends and I. World meant the fact that we were stationed or deployed all over the world. A year later I bought icwnow.com which took the 13 digit domain name down to 6. NOW just was a subtext text because icw.com was already taken.

My current Facebook profile picture (1/1/22)

I have been trying to purchase jasonlamb.com for years but the owner, while he did respond, did not want to sell. I held off on buying another domain but when the .me domain came available I wanted to purchase this domain to make sure no other Jason Lamb could take it.

I plan on compiling all my web history and any Photoshop work I have done and make it available on this site.

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