Secure Password is not Secure

You’ve seen it, “Enter your new password, it has to be this long with these character types…” BLAH BLAH BLAH. You enter your regular password of Monkey123 (Yes, monkey is always among the most popular passwords found on the internet.) See most popular passwords I like sites that allow…

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New Update iOS 14.7

Updates: MagSafe Battery Pack Support reverse charging Merge Apple Cards HomePod Timer Management Air Quality Info Podcast app updates Bug Fixes WiFi SSID name fix %p%s%s%s%s%n other misc. bugs References: &

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Is It Down?

Yesterday there was an outage of 8×8 (eight by eight) which is a VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) Phone Provider. I didn’t know if it was that site’s internet or specific to their account or the whole system. I came across two things that I thought I would share. First,…

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HP 3 Monitor Daisy Chain

Specs HP Z24f G3 60,5 cm (23.8") 1920 x 1080 pixels Full HD Silver Computer  Monitors (3G828AA)

While it is not a new concept, I just had the pleasure of setting up 3 monitors via DisplayPort daisy chaining. Using a Lenovo ThinkCentre M92g and two HP z24frg3 monitors plus another HP monitor, I was able to connect DP out from desktop to 1st monitor, DP out from that to 2nd monitor, DP out to a 3rd monitor. Windows 10 automatically handled the screen extension just fine and dandy. We did try a 4th monitor but the video card wouldn’t pick it up. STILL 3 monitors using daisy chaining is a HUGE benefit for cable management and port savings. You can see on this picture below the DP in and DP out. This monitor is about $250 each.

Do Not Do This

Do NOT join this network if you see it. Once you do it will brick your iPhone and will need a Reset Network Settings to fix. iOS Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. (NOTE: if you need to click ‘Reset Network Settings” you won’t lose any data…

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My Story – Why

I am creating this template to start writing will will eventually be an autobiography. The purpose of this will be to eventually publish, probably self publish. I would like to leave a legacy for my kids and grand kids to be able to read about my life and things I…

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Website Retool and Updates

UPDATE: I have added a store. It isn’t much right now but I hope to sell things on this site and thought I should get it up and running to have it in case I needed it. Testing now… If you want to play too then go buy my logo for $0.01.

UPDATE: 9/15/22 – I have added a new short link site using For example goes to my Facebook page.

UPDATE: 8/15/22 – I have fixed which previously had to many redirects due to cloudflare misconfiguration and hostinger. MY BAD

Update 1/8/22 – I have switched all my websites and hosting from to CloudFlare and Hostinger. The site may have been down temporarily but all is working now. I have also added SSL to all the domains.,,, and
– there are a lot of images that aren’t loading, I am working on that
– there are a lot of links that aren’t loading, I am working on that. If you get a 404 error page then please fill out the form to let me know.

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I need to write more and more often. Less TV time, more blog time. This is my motivation, my accountability, my desire. “Make it so.” -Captain Jean-Luc Picard removed

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Website Migration

So I have had my own website for years and have moved it once before to a new host because the previous one had interesting definition for “unlimited” disk space. Image if you advertised UNLIMITED DISK SPACE but shut off a website after it reached 40 gigs? I presume you…

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