Website Retool and Updates

UPDATE 5/23/23: Still testing the store. Still posting some random posts. Enhancing site security.

Update 12/1/22: I have added a new domain to my collection:

Update 10/1/22: I have added a store. It isn’t much right now but I hope to sell things on this site and thought I should get it up and running to have it in case I needed it. Testing now… If you want to play too then go buy my logo for $0.01.

Update 9/15/22: I have added a new short link site using For example goes to my Facebook page.

Update 8/15/22: I have fixed which previously had to many redirects due to cloudflare misconfiguration and hostinger. MY BAD

Update 1/8/22 – I have switched all my websites and hosting from to CloudFlare and Hostinger. The site may have been down temporarily but all is working now. I have also added SSL to all the domains.,,, and
– there are a lot of images that aren’t loading, I am working on that
– there are a lot of links that aren’t loading, I am working on that. If you get a 404 error page then please fill out the form to let me know.

Update: 6/17/21 – I am not a/ tool but I am retooling the website. It has been too long. Stay tuned!

Update: 6/18/21 – I am going to go back though old post to add them to meaningful categories to better organize this whole website. I will also try to bring in all my old content from all my older blogs and websites to make this one big source of all my content.

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