Online Dating

From the start I need to say I am not cynical about dating or finding that special someone to laugh with, love, and be loved by.  I am not looking for a one night stand, friend with benefits, hook-up, or any games…I’m looking for something real that last.

Since this is my website and it is about me I thought I would talk about my for a second. I have been single off and on for the last 5 years and have experienced many things in the online dating environment. I NEVER thought I would get involved with online dating but I was mistaken.

I have been told I am doing it all wrong. I have been told I am too picky. I feel like if I was less picky I would go out with anyone. I do feel like I am doing something not right. I have not been in a relationship since last December (2016). Below you can see what attributes I look for in a girl. If you think you meet those the reach out to me.

From what I have found, it is hard to get someone to meet you in person. I don’t think I am a creepy guy. I try to be a gentleman, sincere, and honest in my questions and comments. If I match someone on any dating app the first and most important thing I am thinking is when can I meet you in person? Is that bad? If I met you in public I wouldn’t first send you an app update. We would just start talking, but in person. I see online dating as just a tool for meeting someone in person. If that is what I am using it for then how is that wrong?


I’ve been told, “I don’t want to meet you in person because I don’t know you yet”

DUH! – That’s why we should meet in person. Anything I tell you with black text on a white screen could be a total lie. You need to see my face when I talk to you to tell if I’m being truthful. It is much harder to lie to someone in person. But there are many other things that can be gained from an in-person meeting. You can get a sense of chemistry between two people. You can see them in person and not just a few of their best pictures they post on a dating app. You get a sense of their mannerisms and how they act, their sense of comedy, whether they laugh at all. Laughter, to me, is very important. I don’t want you to laugh at my jokes. I want you to find the same things funny. I want to make you laugh and have a good time, most of all. I want it to come natural.

I want the Pam to my Jim

I want to have a good time and great conversation. If you can hold a good conversation on a first date and don’t stay silent make me do all the talking then that shows me I can actually talk to you. If I am looking for my long-term friend then I need to be able to talk with you about anything, anytime, anywhere. It can’t be awkward to have a conversation with you.

I have to be attracted to you. If we matched on any app I have seen a picture of you. If I have your phone number then I have tried to find you on Facebook. I have swiped on your face because I find you attractive. I want to meet in person because I want to make sure you look like your picture(s). I’ve been on dates that girls apologized for not wearing makeup. I told them that was ridiculous. I want to meet you like how you look normally. If you don’t normally wear a lot of makeup then you are just trying to put on a first date face. I would rather find you attractive without your makeup because ideally makeup just enhances beauty but doesn’t create it. You should be confident with your face just the way it is. Confidence is very attractive to me.

All of that said, am I too picky? I just want to get it right. I have made impromptu decisions on dating before and I end up enjoying life for a short amount of time and then eventually back in the same boat and wishing I made a better choice from the get go. I know you don’t realize that at first. It is hard to see the right thing then you feel so strongly about someone. I just want to find the right girl whom I feel strongly about. I truly love people and want to find and love that one special girl who I know is out there.

“Will the real next Mrs. Jason please stand up, please stand up, please stand up?”

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