Website Migration

So I have had my own website for years and have moved it once before to a new host because the previous one had interesting definition for “unlimited” disk space. Image if you advertised UNLIMITED DISK SPACE but shut off a website after it reached 40 gigs? I presume you would love a ton of business. Well, they lost mine. I went to Luck Register which is a reseller of GoDaddy. I have been very happy with them. Last year I was told that the hosting platform I was on was outdated and I started getting notifications from WordPress that I could have a faster website which really mean more reliable if you get it off this antiquated hosting if you move it. I decided to do buy a new hosting package and have been paying for two for a year. I know the move would be a daunting one so I put it off and put it off. I am not at the point that I am tired of paying for two hosts and need to migrate the one to the other. I know this process would suck and boy does it ever! I have plan playing with this for the last two days and just when I think I am getting somewhere something fails.

I was getting frustrated so I decided to take a break and write this on here.

This was not meant as a bashing of PowWeb but more of a praising of LuckRegister and GoDaddy. They have both been very good to me over the last few years and their prices are inline as well. I only got connected to LuckyRegister because I was looking for competitive prices to GoDaddy. Little did I know at the time that they are a reseller of GoDaddy and offer lower prices on .COM domains than GoDaddy because they buy them at wholesale and resell them at prices lower than GoDaddy’s resale. The cool thing is that any support I need I just call GoDaddy and I am taken care of.

Now that I have vented about that, I think it is time to get back to migration attempts…


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