Site Updates

Is a website really done? I am continually adding more to this site. This is my pride and joy and I don’t think I will ever call it finished as far as design goes. I will continue to post updates on this post but know I will never be fully satisfied with the final result. As soon as I am satisfied there is probably another redesign on the way.  This domain is under construction. I will remove this one I am happy with the design. I will still be posting content during the design phase.

NEXT – create menu with links to my other websites and friends websites; continually look for awesome plugins/widgets that add interesting but not intrusive design or functionality feature to website

5-1-16 – I continue to make changes to the look and feel of this website. I am constantly looking for new ways to improve it. I am also trying to constantly post new stuff to it that I find interesting, and maybe you will too.

1/22/15 – Created simple header image for site, more categories and tags created for appropriate content, started posting photoshop shared editing and faceoff projects

9/23/14 – Updated sliders and columns on presentation (front) page; sliders and columns currently show random post from instagram category; updated widgets on all other pages, removed default text for theme extra text areas, modify meta links for login and rss feeds; installed hashbuddy widget to make all #hashtags linkable

9/21/14 – created ifttt recipes to automatically post to facebook and twitter once a blog post is published; created ifttt recipe to automatically create blog post when instgram picture is posted or tweet on twitter is tweeted

9/19/14 – upload instagram pictures from post to add to each post as featured image

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