Dating Philosophy

As you meet people and the progression of the funnel ends you should know you want to date someone by the 3rd date (estimate) and then you agree to date exclusively. I hate spending so much time texting because it’s not until that face-to-face meeting (1st date) that you know if you want to continue talking to them. What happened to actually meeting people in person for dates? It would eliminate so many steps above. Online dating has turned men shallow and women scared of predators and rapist. I am the most honest respectful gentleman you will meet but you have to actually meet me before you can decide that for yourself. Online in pictures and text I can be “whoever” I want…Or whoever you want me to be. It’s hard to fool somebody in person. This virtual meeting people is driving me crazy. This philosophy is based on what I ‘have to’ do just meet someone! It’s somewhat satirical but plenty of truth behind it as well. At any point along the exclusive line that it goes sour, it’s back to SQUARE ONE.

dating philosophy


  • Dating Site
  • All possible matches
  • The ones you like
  • The ones that like you
  • Mutual Match
  • In-app chatting
  • Phone # swap
  • Texting
  • Phone call
  • 1st Date
  • 2nd Date
  • 3rd Date
    • At this point you should know whether you want to continue dating them and should decide together to date exclusively
  • Date exclusive
  • Engagement
  • Marriage
  • YEAH!!!

At any point after dating exclusively you decide to break up it’s back to SQUARE ONE!

  • Dating Site
  • Dating Site
  • All possible matches
  • The ones you like

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