World Architecture Day & Cybersecurity: Building a Secure Foundation

Not my own words but I think they are important enough to share. Thank you Tom Blair (IT Director at Middough Inc.

As we look ahead to October 2nd, we anticipate the celebration of World Architecture Day – a day dedicated to honoring the art and science of designing and constructing spaces that shape our world. Just as architects meticulously plan and build structures to withstand various challenges, we, too, must fortify our digital landscape against the ever-evolving threats in the cyber world.

 In the spirit of this occasion, we would like to draw parallels between the principles of architecture and cybersecurity to emphasize the importance of safeguarding our company and personal data.

Strengthening Our Digital Defenses

 In the world of architecture, the foundation is the key to any resilient structure. Similarly, in the digital realm, our collective actions are the foundation of our security. Let us take this opportunity to discuss critical steps that each of us can take to enhance our digital security, while drawing parallels to architecture:

Cybersecurity Awareness: Just as architects understand the materials they work with, each team member should have a basic understanding of cybersecurity. This knowledge is akin to an architect’s deep understanding of construction materials, enabling them to make informed decisions for the structural integrity of a building.

Password Hygiene: Like using high-quality materials in construction, use strong, unique passwords for your accounts. Think of your password as the structural framework of a building—strong and resilient.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Implement MFA, which is akin to adding multiple layers of security to a building. It ensures that even if one layer is compromised, there are additional barriers to protect sensitive areas.

Phishing Awareness: Be vigilant against phishing attempts, which are like unexpected design flaws in a building. A keen eye for detail in architectural design helps identify flaws, much like your ability to spot suspicious elements in emails or websites.

 Software Updates: Regularly update your software and devices, just as architects ensure buildings are well-maintained. Updates often include security patches that protect against known vulnerabilities – similar to ongoing maintenance in the architectural world.

Safe Browsing: Exercise caution when visiting websites, just as architects assess the structural integrity of a building before entering. Only enter websites you trust and avoid unsecured connections, much like entering a well-designed and maintained structure.

Our Collective Commitment to Security

On this World Architecture Day, let us commit to building a strong, secure digital foundation for our company. Just as architects imbue their creations with creativity and innovation, let us infuse our cybersecurity efforts with the same spirit of ingenuity. We must continuously adapt and improve our security measures to protect our valuable assets and uphold our reputation.

Remember, just as architects transform blueprints into awe-inspiring structures, our individual and collective efforts can transform potential vulnerabilities into robust defenses. Let us celebrate World Architecture Day by fortifying our digital world and ensuring the safety of our company and clients.

Thank you for your dedication to our shared mission and let us work together to build a secure future!

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Like A Good Neighbor

StateFarm has a registered branded saying of “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.” I heard it again this morning on a commercial and was thinking to myself.

SELF – I have recently moved into a new neighborhood and my immediate surrounding neighbors have all introduced themselves to me. I was at the house a lot after closing and before move-in date to paint the house and do some minor construction. Never in my whole life have I had a neighbor introduce their self to me, except once.

If it were my saying, it would be, “Like A Good Friend, State Farm Is There.” I have tons of good friends whom I could call on for anything and they would help me in a drop of a hat. They do this because they know I would do the same for them and we have. This is not just a saying, this is a historically proven declarative statement of fact.

I had fun making this one in design space...apologies to State Farm!: cricut
An interesting Photoshop of the StateFarm logo and incorporating the COVID distance guidelines.

It’s unfortunate that in 2020 and the start of 2021 that the saying was more of “Stay Over There” concept instead of offering to help. It was a fear mongering of the general public that kept us as arm’s length. Actually more than double arm’s length.

A six foot man would generally have a arm length of 2.5 feet because his total wing span (the length from finger tip to finger tip) would be six feet. If you subtract the width of the torso (approximately eighteen inches) then you get approximately 2.5 feet per arm.

2 1/2 (2.5 feet or 30 inches) will get you 5 feet if two people are standing next to each other with finger tips touching. I guess we’ve all been not adhering to the CDC guideline if we were using “arm’s length” as a guide for COVID distancing.

Enjoy this video:

Executive Order

Executive Order: a rule or order issued by the president to an executive branch of the government and having the force of law.

Regardless of your opinion on executive orders, they are a part of our government. I recently found out about a recent executive order enacted by President Obama. It changes exempt and non-exempt employment for salary employees.

On the graph on the left you can see number of executive orders from previous Presidents.

Some people see this as a good thing. Basically the number is $47,476 per year. If you make less than that you are non-exempt. Non-exempt from overtime. This could prevent places like Walmart from hiring managers at less yearly salaries and requiring them to work more than 40 hours. This also means for other jobs that don’t operate on a 40 hour work week that it would change how they operate daily.

I have worked in IT since I left the Army and not once did I only work around a 8-5 clock schedule. Now, as of December 1st, 2016, I will be required to clock in for day, out for lunch, and out for day. This means I must use my 8 hours daily to a higher efficiency. I don’t have a problem with being more efficient. I just know it will lead to me not doing work after hours. I will have to get approval for any overtime. I am sure it will be granted if the need is there.

At a previous job this would have been nice because I was on call every other night and every other weekend. This would mean that I would be paid over time for any hours after 40 in a week. There was almost no time that I was on call time that didn’t require some time. I always said that it was much cheaper for IT personnel to be salary because it would break the bank for the company. Personally, I would prefer a static paycheck than one that changes. It is much easier to build a budget.

I am grateful now for my job and I still love what I do. I just see that nation-wide in the IT community it will change things. There will be stricter guidelines for what is truly meant as an after-hours call to IT for an “emergency.” I am curious what my other fellow IT friends think about this. If you are a one-man operation it doesn’t impact you. If you work in a corporate environment it impacts you deeply. Because my boss is a manager of several employees he is still considered exempt and he stated today that he would have to pick up more slack after hours and on the weekend.

Check out the article above that list the stipulations for this change and let me know what you think? I am curious to hear from other industries as well.

For those who will be getting a raise to put them over the minimum $47,476 per year, I am sure you are grateful. How’s that for a national minimum wage? It’s not exactly jumping up from the current $7.25/hr (Current as of 11/17/16), but it does require companies to take a hard look at staffing needs.

I am so sorry

I am SOOOO sorry if I blew up your phone this morning with a bunch of meaningless Facebook or twitter updates. I was testing my website and working with some inter-connectivity between my website, Facebook, and Twitter. I accidentally turned on something that created a posting loop. It posted from Facebook, then website and back to Facebook and twitter. I had to remove about 20 post from each site once all was said and done. I won’t let that happen again. I apologize.

Also sorry for posting this video…Is it too late…?

Dear Future Girlfriend

“Dear Future Girlfriend, here’s a couple things you need to know if you want to be my one and only all the time…”

This list is a living list of things I have come to know over the last 11 years of serious dating. I don’t include any girlfriends in or before High School and I didn’t do much dating in the Army. Shortly before turning 22, I met a girl and then less than a year later we were married. That was my first of many mistakes in dating. I don’t regret much in my life and try to learn from everything that happens. Here is my list and note to my future girlfriend. I am not ashamed or afraid to say that I want to be married again so that future girlfriend could be my future wife. (More on this in another posting. – note to self to write more on this, lol)

  • Don’t be crazy.
    • This one is self explanatory!
  • Make it easy to date you.
    • No guy wants to be forced to act like a boyfriend. They just want to do what they want and love you the best way they know how.
  • Laugh at my all my jokes
    • Don’t force it but if you think something is funny then don’t be afraid to laugh.
  • Recursively, make me laugh
    • I have a very loose sense of humor, this won’t be hard
  • Accept Sarcasm as a second language
    • If you don’t know it then learn it, quickly.
  • Makeup – less is better
    • I get it that women these days feel they need makeup, and it’s not that I don’t appreciate the way you look but know what looks good and how to enhance your features without adding a whole new layer of skin. Later on when this comes off I don’t want to date two different people.
  • Accept my son. Period.
    • You don’t have to love him, initially, but if you aren’t absolutely sure you can date/marry a guy with a kid then I have no purpose dating you. Simple.
  • Don’t afraid to hold my hand or let me kiss you in public.
  • Updated 8-29-16

I will add to this list as I think of things to add…

If you are wondering, yes, I know this is the public internet and anything I post on here could be read by anyone in the world, but this is my blog…How could you expect me not to be extremely personal on a website with my namesake? Jason Lamb dot ME!

Job vs Career

It’s interesting to me when people complain about their job. For me, I have a career, a career in Information Technology (IT). I don’t have a Monday to Friday 8-5 job. I go to work to get the “job done.” I have a task or project (usually several at a time) and I prioritize them and complete them in a organized manner. It really boggles my mind when someone is surprised that I don’t get done the same time every day. My work changes from day to day so how can I expect to start and stop the same time every day?

I love what I do, else I wouldn’t do it. I recently changed employment for the better, both for environment and pay. It has actually migrated me to a different city, a much bigger one. I was raised in a big city my whole life and I finally feel at home with where I am and what I am doing.

Back to this job vs career thing. That difference should be abundantly clear to people who are older than 23 and out of school. When I was 15 I started my first tax-paying job at a hotel. I was a glorified bell boy. At 16 I foolishly changed jobs to work at Meijer (the mid-west version of Walmart). At the time the minimum wage was $5.15 in Indiana. At the hotel I was earning $7.25! That was a very respectable hourly wage for kids my age. I got bored with doing all the chores they had for me at the hotel. I worked M-W-F 5p-10p or something similar. I was limited on the hours because of my age. When I started working there I remember my mom or dad dropping me off at work because I only had my permit and couldn’t drive alone. When I quit there to work for Meijer I earned a whopping $5.40! I worked more hours but made less money. At the time being 16 I could work more hours, and did. In hindsight my schooling started to struggle about this time because of the hours I was putting in. I did pay for a cell phone and my own auto insurance. It wasn’t until a year later that I would pay for my own car payment, a ’96 Chevy Cavalier. That first car was a “gimme”, a ’88 Ford Thunderbird in 2000.

At that time I had a job. I was paid an hourly wage for a clock-in/clock-out job that would not end up being my life long employment. It wasn’t until after I got out of the Army that I felt I had a career. not that you can’t make a career of the Army, many people do. When I first joined I thought I would be a “lifer”. I loved my time in the Army and wouldn’t trade it for anything. After 5 years I let a pseudo childish love interest ruin my life and my mind changed which led to my leaving the Army.

My average employment after the Army is right at 3.5 years, not including the 8 months I have been with my current employment. I wish I would’ve been at one place longer than 4 but life happens. Each time I have left it has been for a good reason. The reasons differ each time but at those times it was a decision I had to make. I have gained much knowledge from each place that I continue to carry with me where ever I go. I appreciate all my previous employers, some more than others. I feel right now I am in the best place I could be for several reasons that I am not going to go into. Thank you to all my employers that allow me to continue to grow and pursue my goal of being an IT Guru.

Facebook Phone Number Privacy Setting

Facebook is awesome but you may not know some privacy settings they have set by default.

So let’s start by say you WILL WANT to check this.

  • This applies only to people who have a Facebook account.
  • This applies only to people who have shared their phone number with Facebook.
    • Even if you are sure you haven’t you might want to check any way!

Ok, what is the big deal? Facebook makes your phone number searchable publicly. See the first picture. If you are my friend and know my phone number you can just put it into the search bar and it will return my Facebook profile. For my own security I have blurred out my full phone number but you can see my profile picture is the same, so hence it is me. Any one on Facebook (even people who aren’t my friends) can do this.

facebook phone privacy 0

Searching my phone number returns my Facebook profile.

So where do I find this setting?

facebook phone privacy 1
Click at the top right on the lock and expand to See More Settings.
facebook phone privacy 2
Find the “Who can look you up using the phone number you provided?” and click “Edit”.
facebook phone privacy 3
Right now it probably says “Everyone”
facebook phone privacy 4
Change it to “Friends” or “Friends of Friends” (your choice).
facebook phone privacy 5
Click “Close” to confirm change.
facebook phone privacy 6
Now it says Friends (or Friends of Friends) and you can now go about your daily operations of stalking your friends’ Facebook timeline.

Practical Application

In closing, how is this practical? Hypothetically you are actively dating online. You get to the point that you exchange numbers with someone so you don’t have to use the default dating app or site to communicate with that person. Let’s say you want to exchange a your phone number but not really your Facebook profile.

Some people share WAY TOO MUCH publicly on their Facebook profile.

If you have just shared your phone number it takes about 5 seconds to copy that and post it in any Facebook search via web OR mobile and it will return your profile. Good job! Now that profile picture that is not so flattering of you is viewable by that person and they have just changed their mind about going on a first date with you. That cover image of your whole family, YEP, viewable. By default profile pictures & cover images are set to public unless you specify otherwise.