A Page With A Witty Meaningless Title May 01, 2016 at 09:18PM

Every time I think of something to post on here I feel it just doesn’t fit the genre. I mean what do you post to a page that the title says it all. I get that with only 7 likes that some people will like this page for a time and then unlike it. With all those other pages that are out there that you like for far more frivolous reasons why wouldn’t you keep this one in your likes?

It’s really about making a statement. Going against the MAN. Stand with me as I do something for all humanity! I will decide what next to post to this page…


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A Page With A Witty Meaningless Title

A Page With A Witty Meaningless Title – 12/20/15

Ok, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, our any social media there is an appropriate time and frequency in which you should post things to your profile. This all depends ok the people that follow you. Too much and you’ll annoy them, too little and you won’t grab attention. Too soon OR too late she they simply won’t see it on their wall. You post stuff to social media to be seen by others and sometimes you just can’t even do that right. You just can’t win.

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