Do Not Do This

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Do NOT join this network if you see it. Once you do it will brick your iPhone and will need a Reset Network Settings to fix. iOS Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.
(NOTE: if you need to click ‘Reset Network Settings” you won’t lose any data or files on your phone except you will lose any saved Wi-Fi networks and passwords.)

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There is a bug in the text parser in iOS that tries to interpret the % as an escape character. %20 is often used in URLs and JavaScript to identify space between words. You can see a full list of URL encodes here:

You can play with this 074%097%115%111%110%032%076%097%109%098%032%105%115%032%065%087%069%083%079%077%069%033 and decode it here:

Start this video at 22:58 to hear Steve talk about this vulnerability.

You can check out Steve Gibson’s show notes from this episode here: or the written transcript of that episode here:

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My Story – Why

I am creating this template to start writing will will eventually be an autobiography. The purpose of this will be to eventually publish, probably self publish. I would like to leave a legacy for my kids and grand kids to be able to read about my life and things I remember about my childhood and everything that leads up to today (or at the time of the writing). I will try to be as brutally honest as I can and will try not to won’t worry about embarrassments along the way. Follow this and the other post to read along as I post new.

I plan to write a little bit as often as I can instead of large chunks that will take me long to write. This way I can keep moving. I will write in a stream of conciseness and then organize it later chronologically or some way that makes sense.

I hope you enjoy and feel free to leave comments for suggestions or memories or anything I can add or make better.

Website Retool

Update: 6/17/21 – I am not a/ tool but I am retooling the website. It has been too long. Stay tuned!

Update: 6/18/21 – I am going to go back though old post to add them to meaningful categories to better organize this whole website. I will also try to bring in all my old content from all my older blogs and websites to make this one big source of all my content.