Social Media

I created the above post a while ago. I just added appropriate 301 redirects for all my social media. You can go to [insert social media] to get to my profile on that social media.

Example: goes to
try it with /twitter /instagram & /youtube

Pretty much any #jasrasr or @jasrasr account you see should be mine. If you see another that you don’t think is me then let me know.



Social media integration

Social media integration has been on my mind lately. Yes, before you get ahead of me, I know you can setup your twitter to post to facebook and your instagram to post to twitter and facebook. But there is already one problem. If I have my instagram post to twitter and facebook and my twitter post to facebook I end up with two postings on my facebook. I am getting tired of deleting post. I want to add content easily, not have to worry about duplicates. No one wants to see duplicate status post!

IFTTT is a great way to setup recipes to interact with several aspects of several channels. A channel can be facebook or twitter or instagram or even this blog. For examply I can create a recipe that says if I post something to this blog then post it to facebook.


But Not Me

Other Jason Lamb’s in the world…

In the past, I have searched Google for any Jason Lamb and collected a list. I did have an intention of posting that list but never did.

Years ago, I changed all my usernames/handles/links to jasrasr so you can find my on almost any platform with that user name. #jasrasr

Dr. Jason Lamb

Dr. Jason Lamb in at the Avon Lake Animal Clinic in Avon, OH

Web Designer Jason Lamb in VA (the state, not the government agency) I’ve been trying to buy this domain for years.

Author Jason Lamb from Canada
(I might buy some of his books, they are on techy things that I would enjoy.)

Educator Jason Lamb (I found him early on when I was setting up my Twitter account.)

Jason Lamb of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Sports Reporter Jason Lamb from Wichita Fox4kc

Reporter Jason Lamb from WTVF News Channel 5 (Nashville)

Realtor Jason Lamb for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Professional Realty

As I find more, I will add them to this list...