Facebook Phone Number Privacy Setting

Facebook is awesome but you may not know some privacy settings they have set by default.

So let’s start by say you WILL WANT to check this.

  • This applies only to people who have a Facebook account.
  • This applies only to people who have shared their phone number with Facebook.
    • Even if you are sure you haven’t you might want to check any way!

Ok, what is the big deal? Facebook makes your phone number searchable publicly. See the first picture. If you are my friend and know my phone number you can just put it into the search bar and it will return my Facebook profile. For my own security I have blurred out my full phone number but you can see my profile picture is the same, so hence it is me. Any one on Facebook (even people who aren’t my friends) can do this.

facebook phone privacy 0


Searching my phone number returns my Facebook profile.

So where do I find this setting?

facebook phone privacy 1

Click at the top right on the lock and expand to See More Settings.

facebook phone privacy 2

Find the “Who can look you up using the phone number you provided?” and click “Edit”.

facebook phone privacy 3

Right now it probably says “Everyone”

facebook phone privacy 4

Change it to “Friends” or “Friends of Friends” (your choice).

facebook phone privacy 5

Click “Close” to confirm change.

facebook phone privacy 6

Now it says Friends (or Friends of Friends) and you can now go about your daily operations of stalking your friends’ Facebook timeline.

Practical Application

In closing, how is this practical? Hypothetically you are actively dating online. You get to the point that you exchange numbers with someone so you don’t have to use the default dating app or site to communicate with that person. Let’s say you want to exchange a your phone number but not really your Facebook profile.

Some people share WAY TOO MUCH publicly on their Facebook profile.

If you have just shared your phone number it takes about 5 seconds to copy that and post it in any Facebook search via web OR mobile and it will return your profile. Good job! Now that profile picture that is not so flattering of you is viewable by that person and they have just changed their mind about going on a first date with you. That cover image of your whole family, YEP, viewable. By default profile pictures & cover images are set to public unless you specify otherwise.

Photoshop Shared Editing #4

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0 orig

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To see the rules of this project go here. This is the Shared Editing #4 original. It is Clash of Clans inspired. Already starting on the beach. How will this end?
A coloring book?

And Final! Sorry it took so long. That was Jason’s fault.




Photoshop Shared Editing #3

0 Original

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The original is the plastic figure. As you can an edit was made to enter that figure into Mario. Let’s see what happens!


Photoshop Shared Editing #2

0 original

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We are at it again. Here is the original image. The GIF file below will show the updated process. Check back for more and I will keep the album below updated with each revision. Enjoy. Comment for suggestions and you might see them in a future revision.

Photoshop Shared Editing #1

This is the animation that I will keep updated with the current edits to this. See how the edits are done below. Add your comments for edit suggestions to see if Matt or Jason will include them in a future revision.

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0 Original

original image

Matt started off the project by picking the picture to the right. We then take turns editing the picture and modifying it in some way. See the gallery below of each modification. The updates are alternating between Matt and Jason starting with Matt. The file names are listed by revision number and name of person to revised it. (0 Original.jpg, 1 Matt.jpg, 2 Jason.jpg, etc…)

You can also see the facebook album at go.icwnow.com/MJphotoshop1


Here is the source images, comparison, and rules for this project.

source images for whole project

source images for whole project

Comparison of original and final revision

Comparison of original and final revision

Rules to Live By

Rules to Live By

Internet Usage

I was curios how much of the lovely internet I was using in a given time. The report I was able to pull up was quite revealing. I have Time Warner and my speeds are 20mbps download and 2mbps upload. I was curious how much do I use given a certain amount of time. I was able to see usage starting from May 4th, 2014. I guess Time Warner doesn’t allow the user to see any usage longer than 5 months or maybe they just don’t keep track.87-3

Over the course of this time I used 1093 GB (gigabytes) of data. That is 1.07 TB (terabytes)! I have my TV hooked as my monitor to my computer and I do not pay for cable TV so everything I watch comes from the internet via streaming or other methods. Also, as soon as I get to my house my two iPhones (one for work and one for personal), and one iPad connects to my Wi-Fi. Between my work laptop, home desktop, 2 iPhones, and an ipad I have 5 devices that are always connected to my internet connection when I am home. When I am away from home my desktop is always on. All that being said I am going to get deep with some of these numbers because I love math and, well, let’s face it, I am a nerd.

I have figured out that I use 87.3 kb per second. That is like downloading this picture (my face) every second of every day for 5 months. Yes, this image file is 87.3 kb in size. I actually took the time in photoshop carefully sized it down to that size. eye100-5If you take in consideration that I had my internet shut off for 20 days while I was on vacation. Then you take the original 152 days from May 4th to Oct 3rd;and get 132 days. If you take the 1093 GB divided by the 132 days you get 100.5kb per second. That is like downloading this image of my eye every second for 132 days. Bored yet? As you can see below the amount of data in GB, MB, KB per DAY, HOUR, MIN, SEC.



To sum it all up, I was kind of impressed with how much data I used and the fact that I could see that data usage in a nice little chart. Below are the actual screenshots from the data charts from Time Warner’s website. If you have Time Warner you can see your data by logging into your MyServices section.

Usage by DAY from 5/4/14 to 10/3/14
[This chart is best viewed when clicked and once it loads clicking it again to expand to full size.]full history

Usage by MONTH (May to Oct)
monthly usage

Usage by DAY (September)
daily usage
Usage by HOUR (Sept. 17th)
hourly usage

I hope you enjoyed this very nerdy look into my internet usage data. Let me know what you think below in the comments section.