It’s Blogging Time

I am trying to make this site and also blog on it at the same time. They are both not working very well. I still don’t have it it the way I want, but this is my intention for the site. I want a place that I can say and post things and then use it as a jumping platform for other sites like facebook, twitter, and instagram. Well the exception is instagram. I cannot post to instagram (as of yet), but my instgram pictures will post here.

I have a coworker and friend who blogs at and he coined the term #beersandblogs and I thought it was good in principle. He wanted to have a place to be able to let loose his creative mind. He is currently limiting his blogging to his typing but I think that will soon change. The main principle is letting your mind work through your fingers and be able to share freely what is up there. I have many ideas I would like to get down on the screen and I plan on making this the place to do it.

I have been doing web design for 10 years and my creative mind has been many places and I have yet to combine those ideas into one consolidated place. This will be it. I jumped on the domain when the .me became available and I will NOT give it up. I am this domain and this domain is me. When I first was interested in web design I wanted a place to be able to reach out to my friends and now this has morphed into more of a place for me make my own place on the web.

Please be patient as I get things the way I want it. I do have big plans. I will have a photoshop/graphic design section and other webpages I have created over the years. You can go to to see my other site. If you want to find something just type it in the search and it will search the whole site. You can also go to to see what google has stored from my old site (about 974 results as of this posting).

More to come…

Site Updates

Is a website really done? I am continually adding more to this site. This is my pride and joy and I don’t think I will ever call it finished as far as design goes. I will continue to post updates on this post but know I will never be fully satisfied with the final result. As soon as I am satisfied there is probably another redesign on the way.  This domain is under construction. I will remove this one I am happy with the design. I will still be posting content during the design phase.

NEXT – create menu with links to my other websites and friends websites; continually look for awesome plugins/widgets that add interesting but not intrusive design or functionality feature to website

5-1-16 – I continue to make changes to the look and feel of this website. I am constantly looking for new ways to improve it. I am also trying to constantly post new stuff to it that I find interesting, and maybe you will too.

1/22/15 – Created simple header image for site, more categories and tags created for appropriate content, started posting photoshop shared editing and faceoff projects

9/23/14 – Updated sliders and columns on presentation (front) page; sliders and columns currently show random post from instagram category; updated widgets on all other pages, removed default text for theme extra text areas, modify meta links for login and rss feeds; installed hashbuddy widget to make all #hashtags linkable

9/21/14 – created ifttt recipes to automatically post to facebook and twitter once a blog post is published; created ifttt recipe to automatically create blog post when instgram picture is posted or tweet on twitter is tweeted

9/19/14 – upload instagram pictures from post to add to each post as featured image

AT&T gets rid of Contracts

att-logo-526pxI just had an in depth and detailed conversation with an AT&T rep, Diana and this is what I learned.

First some history: I had an iPhone 4 as of July 2012. It got a little wet in a hot tub in NY. I bought the iPhone iphone44s on a two year contract price of $199. A couple months ago I got a $30 discount on my AT&T monthly bill for no reason and no strings attached
. Two years later (today), I called AT&T and asked what my options were because I got a notification about AT&T Next program.

They told me told I had two options:

1. Go on the Nextatt-next program in which I pay nothing for the phone up front, no contract; and the full price of the phone is distributed along a 24 months period. At 12 months you can trade up your phone at no additional cost.

2. Sign a new 24 month contract and pay $199 up front for new phone, plus upgrade fee of $40, plus I LOSE my $30 discount.

So either way my bill goes up $30, it just matters whether I pay for the phone upfront or over the course of time. They really want people off contracts and the Next program will end up saving you about $75 over the course of a two year perdiod.

I just thought I would share what I learned because I know many of my family and friends have AT&T. I really like AT&T and have have been with them since Feb 2006 and they have really bent over backwards to keep my business with very little complaint and problems overall. I can’t speak about U-Verse, DSL, or land-line (POTS) phone or any other AT&T department, just the wireless guys.

iPhone 1-6If you have any questions I will be happy to answer what I know. I plan on checking this out further before it’s time to get my iPhone 6!

More info about AT&T Next Program: